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Tom Interval's Great Houdini Site : A Fantastic Collection of News Articles and Links relate to Houdini!
Stephen Sparks Houdini Collectables: Something for the Discerning Collector
Official Houdini Seance Pictures from Las Vegas, October 31, 2002
Official Houdini Seance Pictures from Dearborn, Michigan, October 31, 2001
George Ford's Wonderful Houdini Site is no longer active. However, he tells me that he will create a new site one of these days, and you will see it again
PBS Houdini Site:Great Collection of Fresh Houdini Material
Mick Hanzlik: British Houdini Site
Lee Jacobs: A Great source for Houdini Posters and other magic
Martinka & Co.: Houdini was once president of this venerable magic business
Houdini Magic Shop - Las Vegas: Geno Munari, proprietor
Houdini Club of Wisconsin: Magicians
Magic Castle, California, USA : Magicians
Picpal Houdini Site: Review of Silverman book and videos list
"Great Escapes" by Joan Higbee: Excellent Houdini History
sjfloats knows strait jackets! : Houdini explains strait jacket escape
Bob King's Original Tribute to Harry Houdini: Super multimedia site...Houdini's voice
Ian McColl's participation in TNT Houdini movie:
Houdini's own blog space:This site has a variety of Houdini Biography, Pictures and Graphics. Check it out!
Houdini's Hometown Library: Interesting Articles and Resources

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Houdini's Secret Weakness?

Houdini Plaza in Appleton: Harry Blackstone Jr at Houdini Plaza
Touring the former exhibit at the Houdini Historical Center: Sid Radner
Magic Circle Houdini Display: London, England, UK
Houdini's Master Mystery Exhibit: No Longer at the Houdini Historical Center, Appleton
Dixie Dooley, Magician 1989: Dixie Dooley performs upsidedown strait jacket escape
Doug & Debbie Henning at Houdini Plaza:
Jay Marshall and friend at Houdini Plaza:
Houdini Club Convention 1998: Held in Appleton, WI
Houdinez: A real person!
Young Houdini: Early handcuffs shown
Houdini Buried Alive: Houdini was not one to be outdone
Who fooled Houdini? : What do you want to know about Houdini?
So you have to write a term paper on Houdini? Some ideas...
Houdini Club of Wisconsin Convention-Appleton, 2002
Houdini Chinese Water Torture Cell Restored, 2002
How did Houdini Die?

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