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Houdini Links

Houdini Historical Center: Home of the World's Largest Collection of Houdini's Personal Artifacts
Rearview Mirror Detroit News: Photos
Houdini Magic Shop - Las Vegas: Geno Munari
Houdini at Library of Congress: Joan Higbee, Curator
Houdini!: Historical Sketches
Houdini Club of Wisconsin: Magicians
Magic Castle, California, USA : Magicians
David Byron's Houdini Site:
Picpal Houdini Site: Review of Silverman book and videos list
"Great Escapes" by Joan Higbee: Excellent Houdini History
Hall of Harry Houdini: 29 Photo Gallery

The Rest of this Site

Houdini Plaza in Appleton: Harry Blackstone Jr at Houdini Plaza
Touring the Houdini Historical Center: Sid Radner
Houdini Prepares: Photo from HHC
Magic Circle Houdini Display: London, England, UK
Houdini's Master Mystery Exhibit: Houdini Historical Center, Appleton
Houdini Historical Center Opening 1989: Dixie Dooley performs upsidedown strait jacket escape
Doug & Debbie Henning at Houdini Plaza:

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