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Houdini Historical Center, Appleton, WI

The Honorary Board of the Houdini Historical Center includes the following well-known people in magic: Sidney H. Radner, Frank W. Dailey. P.N.P., Dr. Edwin A. Dawes, M.I.M.C., Ron Fable, John Gaughan, Dr. Joan F. Higbee, Henry Mueller, Geno Munari, Michael R. Reese, Dr. Kenneth Silverman, Thomas Thayer, Governor Tommy G. Thompson, Dr. Morris N. Young, and David Copperfield. Sidney H. Radner also serves as Honorary Curator. The Appleton Board members include Thomas J. Boldt, John Esler, David Evans and Donna Kidder. HHC Staff include: Kim Louagie, Curator of Exhibits, Matthew Carpenter, Curator of Collections, and JoEllen Wollangk, Director of Operations.


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