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at Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan


At the Table – Sid Radner discusses the Bean Giant Handcuffs at the Séance begins. The

Séance was a well-presented and noble effort, but unfortunately Houdini was unable to attend.


After the event: From the left: Janet Ryan Markey, Houdini Séance Inner Circle member,

Jon Oliver, magician and Houdini  collector and enthusiast from Detroit,

George Hardeen, Houdini Séance Inner Circle member, grandson of Hardeen, and grand nephew of Houdini,

Dr. Morris Young, Houdini Séance Inner Circle member, author and collector.

Members of the “Inner Circle” gather for dinner before the Séance. From left: Bill Brehm,

past Houdini Historical Center chairman, Tom Boldt, Houdini Historical Center Board member,

 Séance sponsor and collector, Gene Gamache co-producer of Houdini! People Came to See Him Die

documentary by Coyote Run Pictures, Marie Blood, niece of Houdini,

Chesley Young, collector, Dr. Morris Young, collector, author, and Houdini historian,

Sidney Radner, M.I.M.C. Séance director, Houdini historian and collector, and

honorary Curator of Houdini Historical Center, Appleton, Wisconsin.